OC Warbler races

Mike Patterson celata at pacifier.com
Sun Nov 10 18:17:53 PST 2002

Keeping in mind that these are spring warblers and are in
fairly fresh plumage, here are all three subspecies of
Orange-crowned Warbler:

Notice that the _celata_ type has a very white looking
split eye-ring and a longish, thin bill. The _orestera_
has a yellowish split eye-ring, a thickish looking bill
and lots of duskiness in the breast and belly. _lutescens_
have a green back, very little gray and a generally bright
yellow breast.

SGMlod at aol.com wrote:


> Greetings


> In regards to Dennis Rockwell's OC Warblers. The first two (the

> brighter greeny ones) sound like typical lutescens, which breed in w

> WA and along the Cascades. The third bird sounds like orestera, which

> breeds in ne Washington and the Blues. These birds, esp some fall

> individuals, look to have a gray hood and are sometimes mistaken for

> oporornis warblers. The third choice, celata, are typically very dull.

> Indeed, when I birded in Chicago (where celata only occurs), I used to

> think that Drab Warbler would have been a far better name than

> Orange-crowned.


> Anyway, the status of celata in Washington is far from clear, but it

> appears to be only a vagrant and typically doesn't have the hooded

> effect. Bear (bare?) in mind that all of this is somewhat a

> simplification, as intermediate appearing birds are not unusual.


> Cheers

> SteveMlodinow

Mike Patterson
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