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Re: the USB port. If your PC is relatively new, 2-3 yrs, you probably
have 2 or more USB ports. Most modern printers use the USB port to
connect to your PC, although older ones use the traditional parallel
printer port. The connectors for these two different ports are very
different from each other. USB is small; perhaps ½” by ¼”, the older
printer ports are about 2” by ½” with lots of tiny pins in the

Hope that helps,

Charlie Kahle

Seattle, Wa

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I'm thinking of purchasing a digital camera. I'd like to be able to
take pictures of birds (far away) and plants (close up). Prices on
cameras range from $100 to $1000. How much resolution (2MP, 3 MP, or
4MP) do you really need? For birds, how much zooming power do you need?

And a really stupid question from someone who should be more technically
savvy: Does my computer likely already have a USB port? Is that the
printer port?



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