Attachments and HTML [=NO!]

Dan Victor dcv at
Mon Nov 18 08:30:56 PST 2002

David and Tweeters,

David, thanks very much for your query. NO, the guideline have not
changed. Please DO NOT send graphic files directly to Tweeters. For
people subscribed in the digest-nomime version (which I use to post on the
Web) these files come in pages and pages of ascii characters.

Also please post to Tweeters in "plain text" not HTML which is the default
for most mailers. I will attempt to notify people who do not follow these
guidelines privately.

TIA for your cooperation,

Dan Victor, Seattle, WA <mailto:dcv at>
Tweeters Postings Guidelines

On Sun, 17 Nov 2002, David Ridgway wrote:

> Hi Dan,


> Thanks for all your work on 'tweeters'. I seems that the 'tweeters' list

> is now capable of translating attachments and HTML. I get the digest and

> have noticed quite a few people are sending graphics. Have the

> Guidelines been relaxed? Downloading the Starling pics took several

> minutes on my slow connection. Perhaps a reminder to all subscribers

> about the Guidelines would be appropriate. What do you think?


> Thanks,

> David


> David and Ginger Ridgway

> Eastsound, WA

> mailto:dridgin at



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