Washington BirdBox, November 20-26, 2002

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Tue Nov 26 19:26:05 PST 2002

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Thursday, November 21, 2:06 PM; Frank Lewis, (253) 852-7867.  I have spotted 
an albino Flicker and I have video tapes of it.  Also, I have had a mostly 
albino Chickadee in our yard, very frequently.  However, the flicker was here 
just once yesterday.  Feel free to call if you would like to see it.

Sunday, November 24, 6:07 PM;  Hi, this is Allan Knue at (206) 542-9898, 
today Michael Donohue and I birded from the Samish Flats, south to Stanwood.  
The best bird was an adult RED-SHOULDERED HAWK at the Skagit Wildlife 
Management Headquarters near the boat ramp end of the parking lot.  Other 
good birds of note were 4 NORTHERN SHRIKES scattered about the area, good 
numbers of raptors including several color morphs of RED-TAILED HAWKS, 

Sunday, November 24, 6:51 PM;  Hi, this is John Podo?? (sorry, static in 
message), we were in the Samish Flats area today and did confirm the TROPICAL 
KINGBIRD is still in the location previously reported. Its in the town of 
Edison, near the fire station making “sallying” movements out of the trees 
around the firestation.  Just wanted to let you know he is still in the area..

Sunday, November 24, 9:44 PM; Hi, this is Christin Mckee from California.  
This is a repeat from a report that Jason Starfire left yesterday, 940-9836.  
Yesterday Jason and I walked out to the end of Leadbetter Point and had a 
bird giving a typical COMMON RINGED PLOVER vocalization.  We could not get 
good looks with our scope since the flock flushed and flew to the NW most end 
of the spit, of the peninsula where it flushed again and flew South.
A couple of PERIGRINE FALCONS were in the area stirring up the birds quite a 
bit.  Other birds of interest were one SNOW BUNTING, 35 LAPLAND LONGSPURS, 20 
RED PHALAROPES,  and a BLACK SCOTER on the beach side of the penninsula.  
Thats all thank you.

Monday, November 25, 7:00 AM; Hi, this is Steve Mlodinow, yesterday Steve 
Pink and I birded around Whidbey Is, the Stanwood area, and parts of Fir 
Island.  HIghlights were 3 ROCK SANDPIPERS at the old Juan De Fuca pier, and 
a CLARK’S GREBE in Penn Cove with a couple of thousand WESTERN GREBES.  At 
Crockett Lake we had a EURASIAN-AMERICAN GREEN-WINGED TEAL cross along with 
30 or so GREATER YELLOWLEGS, and 20 LEAST SANDPIPERS.  At the Fir Island Snow 
Goose Preserve, we had a BLUE GOOSE, adult, with tens of thousands Snow 
Geese.  There was no young  bird with the goose so it may be a different bird 
than what we had at Stanwood a couple of weeks ago.  Finally we had a 
“HARLAN’S” RED-TAILED HAWK at Fir Island just North of the Snow Goose 
preserve.  That it, thank you and good birding.

 Doug Watkins
 dougnpip at aol.com
 Bainbridge Is. Wa.
 (206) 780-0267
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