Tweeter logs earlier than 1999

Dan Victor dcv at
Sun Sep 1 07:33:56 PDT 2002

Carl, sorry to be so long in getting back to you. It appears there was a
major listproc. crash at the UDub. In order to save the listprocessor
they deleted a bunch of archived messages. Tweeters lost about 5 years,
1994-1998. ;-( . I wonder if anyone among the current long-time
subscribers have saved those logs on their home computers?? Should anyone
have any of these early logs please respond to me privately
mailto:dcv at


Dan Victor, Seattle, WA mailto:dcv at
Tweeters =

On Tue, 6 Aug 2002, Carl Haynie wrote:

> Dan,


> Is it possible to 'get' log files from the tweeters archives that are

> dated earlier than 1999? I'm finding that files dated earlier than

> 'tweeters.log9901a' are inaccessible using the 'get' command. Server

> space to blame? Thanks.


> Carl Haynie

> Sammamish, WA

> chandtr at

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