Great Egrets

Carolyn Bolen bolen_carolyn at
Sun Sep 1 16:40:40 PDT 2002

Well I really appologize for the REALLY late posting. I have tried to send
this a few times but have had trouble with my email account.
Turns out the problem was me. Anyway, On Aug. 14th I spotted 2 Great
Egrets on the west side of the Willapa Bay in Nachotta on the Long Beach
Penninsula. It was really quite a sight. They were on the mud flats at low
tide foraging up and down the area. They were just south of the Nahcotta
docks. I'm not sure if anyone else got the chance to see them or not. I feel
really bad not getting ahold of our local Bird Club to let them know. :( I
was just too busy with work and moving ect.

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