Bar-tailed Godwit at Blaine

James Duemmel j.duemmel at
Sun Sep 1 19:35:10 PDT 2002

The Bar-tailed Godwit in Blaine I reported last Wednesday was present again today (apparently not present yesterday). The tide was higher, forcing the bird closer in. Also the bird was much more active, feeding and bathing most of the time I was there (3 to 4 pm). One Marbled Godwit (briefly a second one also) was present for comparison. So the observation conditions today were excellent.

This Bar-tailed Godwit definitely shows the characteristics of the subspecies lapponica, the European form instead of the East Asian/Alaskan form. Today I had repeated views of the bird's rump - blazing white and extending up to the middle of the back - and one quick look at its underwings - white with small and sparse gray marks. I wonder how far this bird has traveled.

Jim Duemmel
Bellingham, Wa
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