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Saturday, August 17, 11:15 AM.  Hi, this is Michael Dossett, 
425-402-3790.  This morning I birded the Montlake Fill on the University of 
Washington campus.  When I first came there were no shore birds, however at 
about 9:30 a flock of 3 LEAST and 1 SEMI-PALMATED SANDPIPER came.  And 
around 11 o'clock a single SOLITARY SANDPIPER also showed up.  Goodbye and 
good birding.

Saturday, August 17, 6:21 PM.  This is Michael Fleming, 206-297-3234.  Went 
birding today with Bryce Butler - caught the last message - we also stopped 
by the Montlake Fill picked up the SOLITARY SANDPIPER, 2 LEAST SANDPIPERS 
and also the SEMI-PALMATED.  Also, we did a little birding over in the 
Trent? West area where we saw several BLACK-THROATED GREY WARBLERS, 
NASHVILLE WARBLERS.  And did a little birding last weekend, last Sunday 
stopped at Fort Timcoe?, did a little birding there, naturally we saw the 
there were lots of WESTERN TANAGERS, WHITE-BREASTED NUTHATCH, and that was 
about it there.  Good luck and good birding.

Sunday, August 18, 12:13 AM.  Steve Dang, 206-368-6887.  Today on Jetty 
Island, or I guess yesterday on Jetty Island, there was one juvenile 
FRANKLIN'S GULL and a WHIMBREL.  There was also a BAIRD'S SANDPIPER there.

Sunday, August 18, 5:52 PM.  Hi, this is Tom Aversa calling reporting on a 
trip today up north to Skagit County.  At the West 90 Ponds there were good 
numbers of shorebirds.  The first two ponds are dry so the third and fourth 
ponds had the birds.  Among the more usual species there was a juvenile 
STILT SANDPIPER, a few PECTORAL SANDPIPERS, BAIRD'S and nothing else really 
of note.  Also, out on the mud flats there was a SURFBIRD which was kind of 
unusual.  At the Skagit Game Range there was a NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH along 
the dike closest to the waterway down at the first bridge.

Thursday, August 22, 2:38 PM.  Hello, this is Michael 
Hobbs  425-869-2370.  We had a fabulous day at  Marymoor Park in Redmond 
today, the highlight being two adult male AMERICAN REDSTARTS at the slough 
end of the boardwalk about 9:30 in the morning.  Just part of a wave of 
had both VIRGINIA RAIL and SORA; over 60 species for the morning.  That's it.

Saturday, August 24, 1:56 PM.  This is Dennis Duffy.  This morning on the 
Edmonds waterfront there was one PARASITIC JAEGER and about 300 RED-NECKED 

Wednesday, August 28, 1:00 PM.  Hi, this is Carl Haynie 
425-837-9293.  Birding at Lake Sammamish State Park this morning, near the 
NW end of the park on a small beach there were 2 juvenile FRANKLIN'S GULLS 
in amongst some CALIFORNIA and RING-BILLED and a few GLAUCOUS 
WINGS.  That's it.  Good birding.

Friday, August 30, 9:28 PM.  Hi, this is Steven Mlodinov.  Yesterday, 
August 29th, Ryan Shaw and I birded Whidbey Island.  We had 2 FRANKLIN'S 
GULLS at Swan Town, and a RED KNOT at Useless Bay and also had a couple of 
BAIRD'S SANDPIPERS at Crockett Lake.  Today we spent birding from Wenatchee 
to Othello.  At Confluence State Park the EURASIAN COLLARED DOVE was 
present again.  There was also a NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH.  At a private 
property near St. Andrews there was a flock of 210 BAIRD'S SANDPIPERS and 
one SEMI-PALMATED SANDPIPER with them.  At Soap Lake, the water level is 
dropping.  There were 220 LESSER YELLOWLEGS at the south end of Soap lake, 
a PECTORAL and a STILT SANDPIPER were with them.  At the north end of the 
lake, there was a flock of 23 BAIRD'S SANDPIPERS with 2 SANDERLING.  At 
Wind Coolee, there was a SOLITARY SANDPIPER, A STILT SANDPIPER and a 
MERLIN, at Othello there was a SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHER; at the Sewage Ponds 
near Ephrata there was a FRANKLIN'S GULL.  For directions to the COLLARED 
DOVE, check the next message.  Good luck and good birding.

Friday, August 30, 9:30 PM.  Hi, this is Steven Mlodinov.  For the EURASIAN 
COLLARED DOVE, it is in Wenatchee Confluence State Park.  Take US 2, follow 
the signs to the state park, just as you're entering the state park, there 
is a road that goes off to the right and ends shortly in a parking lot - 
park there.  Head south on the paved trail, over the bridge.  After you go 
over the bridge, continue on the paved trail for about a quarter mile or 
so.  There is a small sign talking about the Confluence wetlands.  The bird 
perches on the wires above there, at times drops down into the bushes below 
or at times flies off across some tracks or so forth into some industrial 
and urbanized area and therefore out of sight.  The bird was there in July 
pretty consistently for awhile, was seen again yesterday or a couple of 
days ago by Dave Beaudette and then again by Dave Beaudette and I 
today.  That's it, good luck and good birding.

Saturday, August 31,  8:56 PM.  Hi, this is Steven Mlodinov.  Today Bob 
Flores and I birded various points in Franklin and Walla Walla Counties.  A 
rare and uncommon species, at least for the east side, include two AMERICAN 
there, a sooty FOX SPARROW at Spruce? Falls, I almost had a FLYCATCHER at 
Hood Park, a PECTORAL SANDPIPER and a couple of BAIRDS ??  and a GLAUCOUS 
WINGED GULL at Walla Walla River Delta.  The water level was high at the 
Walla Walla River Delta so not particularly good for shore birds.  That's 
it.  Good luck and good birding.

Saturday, August 31, 8:30 PM.  Hi, this is Steven Mlodinov.  Today Bob 
Flores and I birded various parts of Adams and Whitman County.  We had a 
LEAST FLYCATCHER at Washtucna which actually allowed itself to be 
photographed.  Then the wind really started to blow and we had few other 
passerines.  The only other highlight was a juvenile SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHER 
at Crooked Knee Lake which is in the NW corner of Whitman County.  There 
were BAIRD SANDPIPERS everywhere,  lots and lots of LESSER YELLOW-LEGS in 
multiple locations including 105 at Crooked Knee.  Good luck and good birding.

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