Sharpie attacks

Dianna Moore dlmoor2 at
Mon Sep 2 15:30:07 PDT 2002

Hey Tweets.....Joanne's report of a Sharpie attack spurred me to ask about
my local Sharpie's behavior. For the past 4 days, there has been a Sharpie
making life very tough for "my" neighborhood crows. The hawk generally waits
until the driveway is packed with 25 to 30 crows (ok, I put out leftover dog
kibble...they love it), then comes in on one bird... not the whole mob,
chasing off the one crow. The rest hunker down but usually don't fly. The
hawk makes several passes each session until all the crows finally get tired
of the harassment (?) and leave. My question is, is this territorial? Also,
the crows make a fast clucking sort of warning sound...the first time I have
heard that warning. Is it true they have a varied repertoire of warning
calls for various enemies?
Dianna Moore
Ocean Shores, Wa.
dlmoor2 at

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