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Hi Beth and Tweets,

Yes, Osprey are still feeding young, rather frantically,
actually as the young are all the size of adult birds now and
most have fledged but most young are probably not doing their
own hunting yet. My guess is that the bird you saw obtained
the fish from the Stilly and was headed for its nest somewhere
south of there.

While on the subject of Osprey, the nesting colony at Everett
fledged 37 young birds this year with two young known too be
lost either close to fledging of shortly after. There were 25
active nests with five failed nests.

Ed Schulz
Everett, WA

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>Hi all,

>One other thing observed on Sunday in route to Fir Island. I

was driving

>through the South end of Arlington, over by the Safeway, in

route to Fir

>Island and saw an Osprey flying overhead carrying a very

large (12" approx.)

>fish in it's talons. It flew in a southerly direction as

though it had some

>specific place to go. Are Osprey still feeding young? If not,

wouldn't an

>Osprey catch it's food then go find a convenient place close

by and start


>Happily Birding,

>Beth Thompson

>Arlington, WA

>calliopehb at aol.com


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