Cm. Goldeneye on Lk. Wa and Portal AZ property for free

Colin Thoreen chemical_corps at
Tue Sep 3 19:24:52 PDT 2002

Greetings all,
Today (9/3) I viewed a juv.-adult Common Goldeneye just north of Matthew's
Beach (off of Sandpoint Way). This is the earliest I have every encountered
goldeneyes on the lake before.
Regarding the Portal AZ issue. I am looking for an experienced birder that
would like to take care of some property (house and utilities paid for) and
maybe take over a guiding business. First off is I need a care taker from
about April to mid-Aug. If you would like to stay longer great if you would
like to guide great. Please email back.

Colin Thoreen
teenbirder at

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