TWEETERS digest 2972

Jim McCoy jfmccoy at
Wed Sep 4 09:37:50 PDT 2002

Hi, Gerald. I just thought I'd point out that in digest mode,
the subject line is truncated, so all I saw for your subject
was "....................." I decided to have a look anyway,
but I imagine it got skipped by many digest subscribers (who
tend to skim anyway, I imagine). I know it doesn't make much
difference, but I thought I'd make you aware of it so you
could decide whether you wanted to maximize your audience or
the length of your ellipsis. :)


Jim McCoy
jfmccoy at
Redmond, WA

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TWEETERS Digest 2972

Topics covered in this issue include:

1) Anacortes Telescope
by "Jack Stephens" <jstephens62 at>
by GizaTheCat at
3) re: anacortes telescope
by "Pritzl/Edison" <ppritzl at>
4) beep-beep
by "hill" <hill at>
5) Weekend birding
by "Jason Paulios" <jpaulios at>
6) ......................On a foggy Sunday.
by Gerald Hamilton <gerald at>
7) Cm. Goldeneye on Lk. Wa and Portal AZ property for free
by "Colin Thoreen" <chemical_corps at>
8) RBA Vancouver, BC -- September 2/02
by Larry Cowan <lawrencecowan at>
9) Franklin's Gulls, Mason County
by "georn1" <georn1 at>
by "Pritzl/Edison" <ppritzl at>

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