Silver Star Mountain

washingtonbirder. Knittle washingtonbirder at
Thu Sep 5 13:52:27 PDT 2002

This morning between 9-10 o'clock I visited the northside of Silver Star
Mountain. The parking lot and most of the mountain is in Skamania Co., but
I did get some good birds enroute which were in Clark Co. coming from Dole
Valley Rd. Below is list broken down by county:

1 Turkey Vulture--Yacolt
1 Red-tailed Hawk
2 Ruffed Grouse--just off Dole Valley Rd.
1 Band-tailed Pigeon--clear cut
1 calling Northern Pygmy-Owl due west of Silver Star parking lot.
1 Common Raven
many small flocks of feeding Chestnut-backed Chickadees
1 Swainson's Thrush
lots of Pine Siskins feeding in clear cut on thistle that have gone to seed.

5-6 grouse feeding in the vine maples around the parking lot clucking. Do
not know species, but may have been Blue.
1 drumming sapsucker species unknown
2 Vaux's Swifts
5 Steller's Jays
1 Violet-green Swallow
several Barn Swallows
3 Nashville Warblers in vine maples around parking lot
lots of Juncos
lots of Purple Finches around the parking lot area
2 flocks of Evening Grosbeaks

The Vine Maples were just starting to turn color.

Ken Knittle, Vancouver, WA
washingtonbirder at

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