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Subject: Heron colony for sale - FYI

To all interested parties,

The Davis Bay heron colony is for sale. I am working with the landowner who is
sympathetic to the idea of a conservation buyer. I am looking for about
$250-300 k to purchase the property (about 40 acres on North Camano Island). So
far, I've had discussions with Cascade Land Trust and the Whidbey Island Land
Trust and they are not encouraging that they could take this on (although
Whidbey Island is looking into it). So, I am looking for ideas for a
conservation buyer, or group of buyers, who could purchase the property for a
heron reserve. WDFW does not have money for this kind of acquisition, and so
far, I haven't found grants that we are eligible to apply for that would fit.
However, we can offer other kinds of help and can receive lands that others
have purchased or donated to us.

I would very much appreciate any ideas and assistance in getting this property
secured. The landowner is not interested in a conservation easement, but wants
to sell the property outright.

Anyone with ideas, please call me at 425-379-2310 or e-mail me at
milnerlm at dfw.wa.gov.

Thank you,
Ruth Milner
WDFW District Biologist

Patricia A. Thompson
Wildlife Biologist
Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
16018 Mill Creek Blvd.
Mill Creek, WA 98012
425-775-1311 ext. 111
thomppat at dfw.wa.gov

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