Marymoor Park Report (Redmond, King Co. WA) 9/5/2002

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Thu Sep 5 16:26:10 PDT 2002

Tweets - During my drive to the park, just after 6:00 this morning, the
scene was beautiful, with the last star still shining and a razor-thin
crescent moon above the Cascades, which themselves were suspended over a sea
of fog. Unfortunately, Marymoor was under the fog this morning, making for
a cold, view-limited start to the day. One of our very first birds was a
lone GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE circling repeatedly over the park in search
of other geese. Our views of the bird were partially obscured by the fog
which hovered just above tree height. Later on, views of flying ducks and
gulls were also obscured. As the morning went on, the fog dropped before
clearing about the time we got to the lake, whereafter we had glorious sun
and clear skies.

Despite the cold start, we had an interesting day. The birds were sparse
but interesting:

Green Heron Two near weir, adult and subadult at lake
Gr. W-f Goose Later seen with 168 CAGO on grass soccer fields
Osprey Still visiting nest on cell-phone tower near
Northern Harrier Imm. over East Meadow. First of fall.
L. YELLOWLEGS 2 flew south over lake platform
Red-b. Sapsucker 1 flew south past lake platform
Hairy Woodpecker Flying west over East Meadow
Pac.-slope Flycatcher Great views near start of boardwalk
Warbling Vireo Many, in several locations, chasing each other
Ruby-crowned Kinglet Mike West saw one near start of boardwalk. EARLY
O.-crowned Warbler 2-3
Yellow Warbler Several
B.-t. Gray Warbler Male south of East Meadow
Lincoln's Sparrow 2-3 near compost piles, right on time

Previous first-of-fall for Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Sept 20, 2000; they
normally show up during the last 10 days of September.

First fall sightings for Lincoln's Sparrow in the last 5 years: 05-Sep-02,
05-Sep-01, 30-Aug-00, 02-Sep-99, 03-Sep-98 --- pretty consistant!.

We had probable Green-winged Teal and American Wigeon as flybys (but
difficult to ID in eclipse plumage in the fog). These would be First of
Fall sightings.

For the day, 58 species plus a few more maybes. For the year, the GWFG and
the positive ID on LEYE pushes the total to 128 species.

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