Buff-breasted Sandpiper at west 90

Wendy & Alan Roedell wroedell at mindspring.com
Thu Sep 5 20:10:36 PDT 2002

I and eight members of my Seattle Audubon field trip to Whidbey Island and the West 90 ponds got a sustained and close-up observation of a juvenile Buff-breasted Sandpiper this afternoon from 4:00 pm till 4:20 when we were forced by time pressure to head for home. The bird was in the second "pond" west of the parking area (there hasn't been any water in it for weeks.) It's a totally dry depression approximately 60% covered with weedy looking plants. The beautfully colored elegantly proportioned bird seemed totally aware of our presence but paid us little attention as we peered at it through binoculars and scopes, passing around the Sibley Guide to compare his paintings to the real thing only 20+ feet away. If you go to see it, approach the pond area quietly and scan the whole area carefully before you advance,

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