Banded Canada Goose - Sunday 25 Aug. 02

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Fri Sep 6 11:42:39 PDT 2002

Kelly Mcallister wrote:

> Hi Mya,


> It sounds like you were seeing a collar rather than a band? White on black,

> if my memory serves me, would indicate a bird collared in California. Where

> did you see this bird?


> Kelly McAllister

> Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

> Olympia, Washington

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Hello, Kelly, thanks for responding.

I saw the goose in the Fairhaven lagoon in Washington state in the 600 block
of Harris Ave.
Latitude: 48.7206192 Longitude: -122.5084763

It's hard to give details about the collar/band? from my distance, but it
appeared that the collar might have been of some slightly flexible material as
it was fairly long (about 2.5"-3"), perhaps some type of stiff plastic? The
letters on the sides ran from bottom to top and the numbers on the front
appeared to run top to bottom. I couldn't see the back.

I'm pretty sure there were only three characters in each set of symbols and
somewhat sure that the letters on the left side matched those on the right

I realize that's not a lot of information, but it someone else saw the same
goose in this region, perhaps the individual pieces of the puzzle might
eventually form a picture of the goose's travels.

Mya Bell
myabell at


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> > Subject: Banded Canada Goose - Sunday 25 Aug. 02

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> > I don't yet have much knowledge of banded birds, but I saw a banded

> > Canada Goose on Sunday morning at about 9:00 am. The band was large,

> > white on black, but since Canada Geese are largely white and black, I

> > didn't realize it was banded until later in the day when I looked at

> > images from my morning walk. There were about seventeen geese in the

> > flock altogether.

> >

> > Unfortunately, the goose was about 250 feet away and I was using a

> > digital zoom which heavily pixelizes the image. In the pictures, the

> > band is very small. I squinted at the images for several minutes and the

> > best I can make out is that there were letters running up the sides,

> > from bottom to top that said OFF or more probably CFF. On the front (and

> > perhaps the back which I couldn't see) there appeared to be three

> > numbers, but it was very difficult to distinguish them. They might have

> > been 000 or 500.

> >

> > Is this type of band familiar to anyone? Even if I had realized I was

> > looking at a band when I was watching the geese, I don't think I could

> > have moved closer without spooking them. They stayed in the lagoon

> > resting and preening with gulls, crows, and killdeer plovers until about

> > 10:30 or 11:00, then winged away en masse southwest across Puget Sound.

> >

> > Mya Bell

> > myabell at

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