Hawk hit by car, attacks driver

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In the summer of 1968 I was working for Olympic National Park out of park
HQ in Port Angeles. A crew bus (large van) was cruising with its windows
open and captured a Red-tail in much the same way, and when one of the
people in the bus tried to grab it he got spiked a couple of times. The
bird died and the crew threw it in the garbage. I pulled it back out when
I saw it and, when the park naturalist didn't want it, took it to PLU's
Harold Leraas, a biology prof and birder, who saved and cataloged the skin.

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>Greets --

> Another article of possible interest to birders:




> Is this a 'once in a millennium' happening or does anyone know of

> similar occurrences?


>Jo Waldron

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