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> Hi,


> Carol Cole called me and reported that a group of birders had called

> her to report that they had seen a BLUE-FOOTED BOOBY at Yaquina

> Head Outstanding Natural Area at 3 PM today (Sept. 7). She did not

> know their names. Terry Morse, a Yaquina Head Ranger, called to say that

> he and other staff had heard about the birders' sighting and

> also seen it at 3:10 PM.


> It was perched on the left hand side of Colony Rock, which is the

> large island adjacent to the Observation Deck on the west side of the

> Yaquina Head Lighthouse.


Just a note that there was a report of a probable immature Blue-footed Booby from the east side of Hecate Strait off the BC central coast in the mid-1990s. It was rejected by the existing bird records committee but I throw it out there for what its worth.

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