Fwd: TV over the N. Fork of the Nooksack

Jack Kintner jack.kintner at verizon.net
Fri Sep 13 14:21:30 PDT 2002

Forgot to say in the earlier post: Jack Kintner <jack.kintner at verizon.net> 
Blaine, WA
Anyone can have these frames, too, and if you want your own I can send you 
a bigger version.

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>Is five at once a "kettle?" If so, I saw one Wednesday near Kendall, 
>WA.  while on an assignment; great place for birding unfortunately on 
>private property, but I do have two <50k frames to submit to the website 
>if someone will tell me how.  One is the group and the other an individual 
>overhead nicely back-lit.

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