From Tadpole to Frog:

Ruth Sullivan GODWIT at
Fri Sep 13 19:44:36 PDT 2002

Hello Tweeters,
After one year trying to keep frogs in my smal pond,i finaly raise two
Todpole to Frogs. I been trying since last year April to keep frogs in my
pond.But even the smal frogs what we picked up in Kettle Falls this emerging
from the water in the hundreds going on land for some reason.As i came home
i put them in to my pond and covert the pond up at nights (yes i cover the
smal pond up,so the Raccoons dont destroy it.The next morning i had no frogs
in the pond,i only had three,but there crowled out of the pond and was
nowhere to be found.Six weeks ago i bought three todpoles at the Hoquim Pond
Place where Mark the owner told me,if you bring Frogs in to you pond there
never stay.You have to start from Todpoles.Today i saw one developed smal
Frog very much alive and one going in to a frog.I also did not putting the
Todpole right in to the fresh water rather kept them in a smal cotainer with
the water what Mark give me when i bough the Todepole.
So i raised successfull two frogs and see if this is true what Mark said
there would be staying where you raised them " The Pond Place" is located in
Hoquim on2209 Simpson Ave.It is easy to find on the main road to Ocean
Shores and on the way back,on the main road.There got the most variety one
can imagen of all kind the nice thinks to make you yard more attractive and
the people have lot's of experience on all kind the thinks you want to know
about plants birds and Dragonflies.

Ruth Sullivan

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