poor Band-tailed year?

Robert Cleland cleland at u.washington.edu
Mon Sep 16 09:59:37 PDT 2002

We live not far from you (just above NOAA) have had the usual
number of band-tailed pigeons. If anything, we've had more this year.
Almost every evening one sits in the top of a nearby dead tree for hours.
They are still around, in our area.

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On Mon, 16 Sep 2002, Mark Egger wrote:

> Hello Tweets,


> I've been wondering if anyone else has noticed the lack of

> Band-tailed Pigeons this spring and summer. I've had them in my back

> yard and elsewhere around the Matthews Beach area every year, nearly

> year round, for well over a decade, but they seem to be locally

> extirpated or else gone elsewhere,,. all within the last year! Has

> anyone in this area seen them? Pigeons are such cool birds (possibly

> excepting urban rock doves, I hate to loose a species like that,

> especially when it's held on for so long against all urban

> odds...I've always associated these forest pigeons with the pine-oak

> of the SW and the Sierras of W Mexico, and to have them in the

> Seattle backyard was a real treat! I was never sure where this group

> found its salt -- can anyone on the list shed some light on that? I

> know the Band-tails of Matthews Beach long pre-date MY arrival on the

> scene (moved to neighborhood in 1986), so their disappearance, if

> that is what it is, should be an "environmental consequence" worthy

> of some further note and analysis...


> Mark


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