New Kid on the Block

Christopher Steven Duke dukec at
Mon Sep 16 20:31:16 PDT 2002

Hello all!

My name is Chris Duke, and I finally got around to subscribing to
Tweeters, after "eavesdropping" on the tweeters listings on the net for
a year or so. To give a bit of info about myself, I am an 18 year old
male, I've been birding since I was 5, and I have a life list of 403,
having only left the country for one week (Mexico). I have met several
of you, either on a boat in the Pacific, birding by myself, or with my
friend Allan Grenon. I look forward to getting to know the rest of you
as well, you seem like a pretty cool bunch.

In one short week, I will be moving up to Western Washington University
in Bellingham, and I am curious as to whether or not there are any
tweets out there with me, and also looking for good birding in the
area. Any ideas sre more than welcome.

Also, a quick bit of input on the Band-Tailed Pigeon querey. I have
noticed far more Band-Tails this year than I think I ever have. The
greenbelt behind my neighborhood has been alive with the birds, and I
continue to see small flocks (5-10) stream overhead daily. I live in
Renton, near Fairwood. Perhaps the birds simply changed migration
routes slightly this year.

Well, that's it for now. I'm heading to Nisqually tomorrow, I'll let
you know how I do. Good birding!

Chris Duke
Renton, WA
dukec at

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