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Diann MacRae tvulture at vei.net
Tue Sep 17 16:09:42 PDT 2002

Hi, Tweets

I'm off for Salt Creek tomorrow so this will be a half-September report. 
Please send any reports of migrants to my regular address (above); this is 
the peak time of turkey vulture southward movement coming up. Also, please 
consider visiting one of Washington's most beautiful "sea" side parks - a 
marine sanctuary and destination for a couple thousand or so 
southward-bound Vancouver Island vultures. Harlequin ducks, black 
oystercatchers, and several species of alcids, gulls, and waterfowl keep me 
company when the vultures aren't around (also migrant passerines).

Turkey vultures seen from 1-17 September 2002 in Washington and British 

03 --  2 near Nanaimo, B.C.; 3 over the mudflat at Nanoose Bay, B.C.
05 -- 1 at Yacolt; 1 over Sequim; 2 on the seacliff updrafts near 
Lantzville, B.C.
06 --  40 at the mouth of the Okanogan River; 2 at Lantzville, B.C.; 1 west 
of Parksville, B.C.; 3 along James Road in Rochester; 2 along Silverbrook 
Road (Hwy 12); 3 along Pinkerton Road (Hwy 12)
07 --  1 near the Breazeal Center; 5 on the side of Samish Island Road; 1 
in Skagit County; 12 in the Cowlitz Trout Hatchery area; 23 in the vicinity 
of Riffe Lake; 5 near Langley, B.C.; 1 at Scatter Creek game farm; 1 over 
the outer marshes near Tokeland
08 --  2 at Nisqually NWR eating bits of fish along the river; 2-3 near 
Conway; 17 near Salmon Arm Foreshore; 2 over grasslands near Cassimer Bar, 
Okanogan County; 10 at Malott along the Okanogan River; 2 north of Qualicum 
Beach, B.C.; 1 in a tree near Black Creek, B.C.; 2 at Nisqually NWR; 1 
northwest of Oakville; 4 east of LeBam; 9 at Bay Center
09 --  2 circling a clear-cut near Royston, B.C.; 2 near Campbell River, 
B.C.; 2 near Burnaby, B.C.
10 --  3 at Puget Island Bridge; 1 south of Salkum
11 --  9 soaring over the Snow Goose parking lot, Fir Island; 1 south of 
Ocean Shores; 1 along Wenas Creek near Selah; 5 near Kendall
12 --  1 along Hwy 12 (mp 78); 1 at Packwood; 1 east of Packwood; 1 at 
Brewster at the mouth of the Okanogan River; 13 at Omak; 2 southwest of 
Littlerock; 1 over the John Wayne Marina
13 --  14 kettling above Camas
14 --  1 perched in a dead tree on Fir Island, 1 soaring nearby; 1 south of 
Conway; 4 feeding on dead fish on the Yakima River; 14 over the east end of 
Spieden Island; 2 at the west end of Spieden Island
15 --  1 flying over the road near Bottle Beach; 5 kettling near Buckley; 5 
headed to Aberdeen along the river; 1 at Washington Harbor; 3 perched in a 
tree just east of Obstruction Pass, Orcas Island; 6 soaring over Spieden Island

Note: also seen most days in groups of 2-3+ south of Upright Head over 
Lopez, across Upright Passage over Shaw, over the southernmost peaks on 
Lummi Island, over Obstruction Island or just south over Blakely, and in 
the Lantzville area, Vancouver Island, B.C.

Thanks so much for your continued support in tracking our northwestern 
turkey vultures. One of the most common things people say to me at Salt 
Creek is "I didn't know there were vultures in Washington." What a thing to 
miss . . .

Cheers, Diann
Diann MacRae
Olympic Vulture Study
22622 - 53rd Avenue S.E.
Bothell, WA  98021
mailto: tvulture at vei.net

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