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Daniel Eiben deibenwa at
Wed Sep 18 09:50:51 PDT 2002

Jon. Anderson and Marty Chaney" wrote:
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 20:55:14 -0700

>Hi Daniel -


>I was wondering how you determined that these were >"interior"-type scrub jays?

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the deeply informative and helpful post. Based on it, I may have to back off and say merely that they're definitively scrub jays (they just passed by again about a half hour ago).

They're tough to get a good look at as they move around pretty quickly and stay in the cover high in the trees. But my reasoning (guesswork?) was based on comparison with the many sightings I've had of the californica on visits to the San Fernando Valley over the past couple years. The ones in my neighborhood are paler and duller by comparison and lacked the pronounced neck markings of the californica. Since your post so clearly addresses the variations possible in the californica as well as the range issues, I'm about convinced that I am mistaken in deeming them to be interiors.

I hope other tweeters in Seattle sight them and weigh in on the discussion.

I was also intrigued with your point that they displaced Steller's jays in part of the Willamette Valley. There have been several Steller's in this neighborhood in the past couple months; previously they've been pretty rare in the CD. I hope both the Scrub and Steller's can work out a joint habitation agreement here. It's a joy to have both.


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