Wolves on the Olympic Peninsula

Kelly Mcallister mcallkrm at dfw.wa.gov
Wed Sep 18 12:04:28 PDT 2002

Well, all I can say is, wolves have been considered extirpated from the Olympic
Peninsula for somewhere close to one hundred years. Wolf sightings are usually
very difficult to evaluate. In at least two instances that I am aware of, wolf/
dog hybrids have been found in the wild in Washington, apparently released by
their owners. I don't know anything about private citizens releasing wolves.
Clearly, it would be an illegal act.

Kelly McAllister
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Olympia, Washington
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> Okay, I'm sure there were birds there too, for the required bird element ...


> Report from a fisherman friend, from this past weekend:


> "The Hoh [River] was hot this weekend. We limited for Summer run on Friday. I hooked into 2 kings that just trashed my steelhead gear. It was fun.

> The most amazing thing is we saw 2 wolves on the river. They were big.

> I guess a guy in Sequim released some 10+ years ago."


> I would be interested to hear from our WDFW contributors as to how unusual this sighting is.


> Andrea Grad

> Alki

> agrad at helsell.com


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