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I for one am in the minority when I say that it will be a sad, sad day if crows become an endangered species due to this stupid virus. Crows are highly intelligent birds, fun to watch and ornery as heck. All of these things make them a joy to behold, and I will miss the occassional dive-bombing crow in June when that day comes.
Brett A. Wolfe gismybabe at yahoo.com Seattle, WA
Kelly Cassidy wrote:> 2. VOTE for the "Bird of Seattle" FUN!

The crow would have to the bird I mostly closely associate with Seattle. Is
there any place outside the developed Puget Trough where crows are more

The arrival of West Nile Virus to Seattle, when it happens, may be an
uncontrolled experiment into the effects of the sudden elimination of a nest
predator on other urban birds. I hear that crows are so sensitive to WNV
that it's hard to find a crow in New York City anymore.

Kelly Cassidy

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