Sea Otter at Port Townsend Marine Science Center

Peter pbadame at
Thu Sep 19 16:28:16 PDT 2002

At approximately 3 PM this afternoon a colleague and I spotted a sea otter 
playing around the buoy immediately to the north (30 yards) of the Port 
Townsend Marine Science Center pier at Fort Worden State Park. Not 
necessarily an earthstopping event but easily the first sea otter either of 
us had seen inside Point Wilson. As the typically northwest afternoon 
disintegrated into a fine (& not-so-fine) drizzle, the otter slowly moved 
north parallel to the shore, approximately 120 yards east of the beach, 
till it was beyond easy viewing range. We couldn't sex the animal. We had 
no clear reference point for size although it clearly appeared mature and 
clearly exhibited all the characteristics and behaviors associated with the 
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