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Howard Gross wrote:

> Forgive the impersonal nature of this mass e-mail.  Earlier this week,
> I notified HWI’s Board of Trustees and staff that I plan to leave
> HawkWatch in January 2003.  HawkWatch has established a search process
> for a new Executive Director, and a job announcement should be posted
> at www.hawkwatch.org by October 2.  Our goal is to have a replacement
> start by the beginning of January (or earlier if possible).
> My decision to leave is a result of my interest in working on water
> and land conservation issues (my M.S. is in Watershed Science) and in
> possibly leaving Utah.  But for the next four months, I have no plans
> other than to continue working hard on HawkWatch’s behalf and ensure
> that this leadership transition is successful.
> The 3+ years I have spent at HawkWatch have been incredibly rewarding
> and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with and
> befriend so many talented, dedicated, and caring people.  During this
> time, we have made excellent progress in solidifying HawkWatch’s
> science and education programs, launching its conservation
> initiatives, and building efficient administrative, development, and
> membership functions.  Having helped bring HawkWatch through its
> leadership transition in 1999, I know that there are thousands of
> people who believe in HawkWatch’s work and will help it continue to
> succeed.  Thus, I am confident that HawkWatch will move forward in its
> important work of monitoring and protecting birds of prey and our
> shared environment.
> If you know of anyone who would be a good candidate for the Executive
> Director position at HawkWatch, please refer him or her to
> www.hawkwatch.org.  The job description should be posted by October
> 2.  In the meantime, there is a lot of work for me to do!  Enjoy the
> fall!
> Regards,
> Howard Gross
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