Oystercatcher flocks

Bob and Barb Boekelheide bboek at olympus.net
Thu Sep 19 21:09:36 PDT 2002

Hello, Phil & tweeters,

In fall and winter oystercatchers become less territorial, roosting at high
tide in larger flocks sometimes composed of several pairs together with
their juveniles from the past breeding season. The roosting flock of 35
oystercatchers we saw near Cape Flattery over the weekend had several young
birds in the group, discernible by their two-toned black-tipped bills. Did
you see any of these in your flock?

Bob Boekelheide

From: Phil and Pam Wegener <philpamweg at juno.com>
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 23:34:29 -0700
To: tweeters at u.washington.edu
Subject: Black Oystercatchers

On our final two whale watch trips of the season on Sept 14 and 15(with
no resident Orcas since they were out by Tatoosh), there were 20 or more
Black Oystercatchers grouped close together on the eastern point of
Stuart Island right across the pass from John's Island. Having seen
them all summer in groups of 2-6 or often single birds, this seemed
unusual. Is it?

Phil Wegener

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