Okanogan highlights

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Thu Sep 19 23:15:42 PDT 2002

Hi all,

Here are a few belated hightlights from a trip to 
Okanogan County last weekend. Marissa Benavente and I 
birded from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, 
stopping at various spots including Washington Pass (Hwy 
20, N. Cascades), Chewuch River north of Winthrop, Loup 
Loup Campground and Loup Loup Canyon/Rock Creek CG just 
east, Cameron Lake Plateau and Soap Lake Rd with the 
last stop being Cassimer Bar/Okanogan River delta.

Things were geting slow in the mountains as I expected 
for the time of year. Still we had some good birding, 
especially at the marshy area in the lower part od the 
Loup Loup CG. Nothing unusual there but it was very 
lively with Yellow-rumped and Townsend's Warblers, 
Juncos, Kinglets, Nuthatches, etc.

About 100yds North of Hwy 20 on the Loup Loup Canyon Rd. 
we saw 5 Ruffed Grouse along the shoulder of the road. 
Wish they were a lot more wary given it's already grouse 
hunting season... Also had a nice mixed flock of all 
three nuthatches here with Pygmy nuts only heard and one 
WB Nuthatch. Several Cassin's  Finches, a Chipping 
Sparrow and others rounded out the flock.

Along W. Chewuch Rd, just outside the town of Winthrop 
there was a Brewer's Sparrow with a large flock of White-
crowns. They were near an electrical substation on the 
east side of the road.

Cameron Lake Rd. was good with a Solitary Sandpiper and 
4-5 Lesser Yellowlegs at one of the ponds on the north 
end of the road. Also had several Baird's at the pond 
jsut south of Soap Lake (the Okanogan County Soap Lake, 
not the Grant County one). One Sandhill Crane was at the 
Okie delta Sunday, which was a first for me. All in all, 
a good trip.

Jim Flynn
Seattle, WA
buteoreg at attbi.com

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