varied thrush returns

Paul Moorehead pjm at
Fri Sep 20 18:11:45 PDT 2002

Hey tweets,

Today while walking around the woods I heard the first fall notes of the
varied thrush. When I went to input the occurrence to my notes I noticed
that in the past four years the varied thrushes have returned within a
week of today's observation. Today was the latest of the four. There are
enough alder leaves on the ground now to give these birds some good
foraging opportunities. Their rustling will probably intrigue the barred
owl that has been haunting these woods. I am beginning to develop an
appreciation for this Strix. Perhaps it will be able to keep the
pileated woodpeckers from sampling every apple.

The red-breasted sapsucker has returned to its favorite cedar tree this

Had a fleeting view of a merlin on Wednesday. What an incredible flying creature!

Hope y'all have a great weekend.

Paul Moorehead
Guemes, WA

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