West Nile Virus - The Connection

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Thanks for the link, Stuart. Having listened to the PBS program and gone to
the links, it seems to me that since the indications so far are that 100% of
crows who contract this virus die from it, and that jays and probably other
species yet to be identified are also unable to survive it, then it's time
for active steps to be taken to prevent the wholesale loss of possibly
entire species over the ensuing seasons. One obvious possibility is for
numbers of these highly susceptible species to be caught and given some of
the vaccine used in horses so that at least some birds survive in each
region of the country. If someone can offer a reason not to be alarmed at
the numbers being discussed on this website and its links, please do!
Otherwise I think the media and decisionmakers should be contacted to widen
their focus to wildlife rather than just the relatively few humans affected.

Everett, WA

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> Here is a link to the radio show I referred to in a recent posting

> about the affect West Nile Virus has on wild bird populations.


> http://www.theconnection.org/shows/2002/08/20020830_a_main.asp


> Stuart

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