Eastern WA Migration

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Sun Sep 22 20:35:21 PDT 2002

Greetings All

The winds were gentle out of the northeast and perfect for migration and

Got plenty of migrants but missed out on the true vagrants.

A Bay-breasted Warbler was near Potholes Res on 21 Sep. It was an adult bird
found by a Moses Lake birder, Doug Schonewald. His description was great.
Sadly, the bird left quickly before Bob Flores (and later, I) could get
there. YR Warblers were piling into and then out of these trees rapidly.
Also this weekend there was a Prairie Warbler just in Oregon at the Deschutes
River mouth.

I had 150-200 RC Kinglets working migrant traps along the Snake River and at
Washtucna. YR Warbler numbers were improving but still not quite what I'd
expect. WC Sparrows, flickers, and Hermit Thrushes that were also conspicuous
by their numbers. Birds of note included a Pugetensis WC Sparrow at Othello
(singing!) and another at Windust. At Windust this AM there was a WT Sparrow,
a SC Junco, and a pure YS Flicker. At Lyons Ferry there was a late (and yes,
singing) Gray Catbird. Same place Bob Flores had one singing on 30 Sep last

Steven Mlodinow
Everett WA
SGMlod at aol.com

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