Bor'n'ole chickadee

Dan Victor dcv at
Wed Sep 25 07:35:31 PDT 2002

Dear Tweets,

Janet and I hiked up and around Tiffany Mtn way up north of Winthrop last

On the road up there we saw a Ruffed Grouse.  While hiking we passed a
beautiful SPRUCE GROUSE that perched only 10 feet off the trail.  Where
was our camera!  A Cooper's Hawk swooped by a couple of times.  
Descending through some golden larches we were above a large flock of
migrating Yellow-rumps.

At the Tiffany Springs campground we had a mixed flock of mostly Mountain
Chickadees, a few Ruby-crowned Kinglets and one BOREAL CHICKADEE.  Hooray!

Good birding,

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