Owls & Hawk

Hilary Barnes habarnes at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 25 15:07:52 PDT 2002

Hello Tweeters and Hugh:

Regarding the post of 9-13 on owls in Bellevue, and the recent post about
calling owls:

We live in Factoria/lower Somerset over the Coal Creek Parkway, and have been
thrilled to hear occasional owl sounds in the depths of the night, when the
traffic noise finally dies down. We are still struggling for a positive ID,
since we have not seen them yet. While I realize that Barred Owls and Great
Horned are very common, what we have heard is a low, loud cooing, like a
super-sized dove, and it sounds most like the Great Grey on my Peterson's CD.
Is this remotely possible, or really unlikely? We are on a ravine across the
Pkwy from a green belt, near parks and powercuts, ample territory for hunting.
I have no idea where the roost is- any suggestions on urban owling technique?

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