SAS Skagit field trip - RSHA

Michael Hobbs hummer at
Wed Sep 25 22:24:56 PDT 2002

Tweets - Tom Aversa led 8 of us up to the Skagit today for a Seattle Audubon
field trip.

We started at the West 90, which was filled with AMERICAN PIPITS, WESTERN
MEADOWLARK, and SAVANNAH SPARROWS. The ponds were devoid of shorebirds,
though we did have a couple of GREATER YELLOWLEGS and three probable

Afterwards we worked south with little to show for our efforts. Shorebirds
were not to be found.

At the Skagit WMA Game Range, west of Conway, we walked the dike amid many
YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS (both Myrtle's and Audubons). There were also a few

The highlight of the trip was a juvenile RED-SHOULDERED HAWK seen about 2:20
from the northwest portion of the dike. It was seen rising from a corn
field, and over the next few minutes it rose high up into the sun.
Initially, both the top and bottom wing surfaces were seen, with very
obvious crescents seen both above and below. The lighting conditions
initially were perfect for getting a great look at the bird.

Other highlights of the day were a half-dozen LINCOLN'S SPARROWS at the West
90 parking lot, GOLDEN-CROWNED and FOX SPARROWS at the game range parking
lot, and many raptors. We had a MERLIN at the West 90, three PEREGRINE
FALCONS at the Jensen Access, including two doing an aerial dance. NORTHERN
HARRIER and RED-TAILED HAWKS were everywhere. We had both COOPER'S HAWK and
SHARP-SHINNED HAWK, an OSPREY, and three BALD EAGLES as well as the

We ended with lots of ducks at the Stanwood STP (including BUFFLEHEAD, both
SCAUP, and adult and juvenile RUDDY DUCKS, as well as a couple of GREATER
WHITE-FRONTED GEESE), along with at least two BONAPARTE'S GULL.

Not a bad day (except for shorebirds), with a real nice suprise in the RSHA!
My list was almost 80 species for the day - I think Tom's list was higher.

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== Kirkland, WA
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