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Dennis Paulson dpaulson at
Fri Sep 27 08:43:11 PDT 2002

Hello tweets.

If any of you haven't seen the series of volumes published so far of
Handbook of the Birds of the World (Lynx Edicions), you should run, not
walk, to the nearest book store that carries it just to browse through a
volume or two. They have the best bird photos ever published and color
plates of every living species, and they are a gold mine of information.
All the reviews of this series have had stuffy old ornithologists literally
*gushing* with praise.

Having made this brilliant sales pitch, I must add that I inadvertently
purchased two copies of Volume 7 (jacamars to woodpeckers, and there's a
dragonfly on the cover!), and I would love not to have to pack one of them
up and send it back. I'll be happy to sell it for $125 (original cost
$145) to the first responder to this message. I work in Tacoma and live on
the north side of Seattle, and the book could be picked up at either


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