Montlake Fill 9/27

Stuart MacKay stuart at
Fri Sep 27 18:28:04 PDT 2002

Some goodies down at the Fill this afternoon (4.30pm - 6.00pm):

4 band-tailed pigeons flying west
2 northern pintail - one on the central pond, the other in Union Bay
1 western meadowlark
20+ yellow-rumped warblers
1 yellow warbler
1 orange-crowned warbler
11 green-winged teal on the central pond
140+ american wigeon in Union Bay
3 northern flickers
2 cedar waxwings
1 Anna's hummingbird

A great blue heron attacked one of the green-winged teal on the central
pond. The duck only escaped by diving under water though judging by the
amount of feathers lost and the condition of the bird when it surfaced
I think it was mortally injured. I would have thought that an adult
duck - even if it was a teal would have been a real mouthful for a

Stuart MacKay, Seattle, WA

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