No post-noon luck with Sharp-tailed sandpiper

JanFWatson at JanFWatson at
Sat Sep 28 18:55:17 PDT 2002

RE:  <<<Hey tweets, we just got back from the Hoquiam sewage ponds, and the
sharp-tailed sandpiper is still there. In fact, it's exactly where it's
been reported, at the far southwest end, near a log. Marv Breece relocated
it at first light this morning, and John and I arrived shortly after to
benefit from Marv's quick eyes.>>>

I KNEW we should have left first thing in the morning for Hoquiam!  We got 
there about 2:00.  Three other birders had been there since 12:30 or so.  
None of us were able to locate the sharp-tailed sandpiper.  At one point, 
seven sets of eyes worked that area and the shore from the northwest point.  
The last three holdouts left about 3:30.  No luck.  

We did make a quick stop at Bottle Beach app 4:00.  We watched about 30 Black 
Bellied Plovers, none in breeding plumage.  No golden plovers.  A single 
willet flew by as we left.  There were app 10 common loons just off the spit. 
 Lots of ring billed gulls, with a couple of mew gulls mixed in.  Golden 
crowned sparrows were active along the trail.

We also saw 8 turkey vultures circling a field near the bridge in Montesano.

Jan Watson
Rochester, WA

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