Gray's Harbor & Pacific Cos

Marv Breece mbreece at
Sat Sep 28 21:29:44 PDT 2002

It's torture when a good bird shows up, it's mid week, and work won't take a
back seat. So at first light today (Saturday) I was at the Hoquian STP and
in less than half an hour, the SHARP-TAILED SANDPIPER revealed itself. I
stopped later in the day and searched from about 3-4:30PM with no luck.
This doesn't mean that the bird is gone.

At about 9:30AM I headed for Tokeland. Along the way there were 2 GREAT
EGRETS on the mud flats viewed from the Ocosta Bridge near the oyster plant.

At Tokeland the usual large flock of MARBLED GODWITS was there as well as 12

On the way home, I toured Brady Loop. In one field 26 KILLDEER were
hunkered in the bare dirt, scattered around. I did not see a golden-plover
with them. In another field was a flock of 16 WESTERN MEADOWLARKS, at least
one singing, and several AMERICAN PIPITS.

It was a good day.

Marv Breece
Seattle, WA

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