Montlake Fill 9/30

Stuart MacKay stuart at
Mon Sep 30 17:44:40 PDT 2002

The Fill delivers once again (3.30 - 5.30pm):

1 pectoral sandpiper on the central pond.
14 northern pintail - 2 on the central pond, 12 out in Union Bay.
1 horned lark - feeding on the SE shore of the central pond.
1 lapland longspur flying east over the area.
26 green winged teal on the central pond.
1 green heron feeding on frogs at the SE corner.
40+ yellow-rumped warbler - all over.
1 yellow warbler at the central pond.
3 northern flickers.
1 Anna's hummingbird.
1 Steller's Jay - just north of the central pond.

Stuart MacKay, Seattle, WA

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