Sharp-tailed Sandpiper at Hoquiam

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Mon Sep 30 19:11:47 PDT 2002

Hi Tweets -

I arrived at the Hoquiam Sewer Ponds at 8:30 am to find Michael Hobbs
and Rod Campbell already there and in quite high spirits as they had
been observing the Sharp-tailed Sandpiper in it's usual location inside
the logs at the southwest side of the pond. We proceeded to search the
bird out, and Michael located it about 8:55, moving back to the west
thru the weeds. Living up to past shows, it initially only gave minimal
glimpses. Finally, it made a mistake and stopped in a location where it
was completely in the open and nicely visible.

Because of the heavy rains in the area last night the bird was still
visibly wet and this seemed to affect the colors of it's feathers,
making everything darker and duller. We watched it for the next 50
minutes, and during this time is was drying off and gradually becoming
brighter and more colorful. The cap, white supercilium, brownish eyeline
were all nicely visible, some buffy on the sides of the upper breast,
the white breast, belly, flanks and undertail coverts. The undertail
coverts showed some nice brown spots/streaks.

Three happy people who had seen a lifer, for me after 5 years of looking
here in Washington :)))!!. Later, Diane Yorgeson-Quinn arrived and we
managed to get her views of the bird.

Morning does seem to be the best time to see the bird, when we stopped
by briefly about 1:00 pm, the people there looking had not seen the bird

Brian H. Bell
Woodinville WA
bellasoc at

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