Photo ID help

Mike Patterson celata at
Mon Sep 30 21:22:05 PDT 2002

If you blow up the first picture and look at the claw on
the hind toe...

I think this is a hatch-year Horned Lark.  

It is not any kind of bunting, I suppose it could be some 
sort of weird asian lark (I don't have a good asian field guide)

Greg Gillson wrote:
> Troy Guy was at sea off Washington State when this bird he couldn't identify
> flew aboard. My wild guess is some kind of Asian bunting. Anyone else want
> to venture a guess and notify the Washington Records Committee (perhaps by
> means of forwarding this message to Tweeters for me?) Thanks.
> Greg Gillson
> Cornelius, Oregon
> greg at

Mike Patterson               
Astoria, OR                    
celata at  

A child who becomes acquainted with the birds about him
hears every sound and puzzles out its meaning with a cleverness 
that amazes those with ears who hear not.

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