Strange Robin Behavior

Nancy n.lander at
Tue Apr 6 11:20:32 PDT 2004

Hello Tweeters-
I really appreciate the great advise I have received from people on this list. Thank you all.

I am concerned about a male robin in our yard. He is hunting for worms and as he walks his wings are spread as if they are hurting. At first I thought he was a young robin because young birds do the same wing display when they want their parents to feed them. But he a mature bird. He is so docile that I can practically walk right up to him, but he flys away if I get within about 3 feet. He flew into a tree and sat there all puffed up when I approached him yesterday. Then later, he had been foraging for worms with a female in the same area. (he was walking upright with his wings splayed out) Then I found him just sitting on the grass all puffed up with his wings spread as if he was sitting on a nest. He just sat there not moving for a long time. Either he is hurt or he is so full of worms that he cannot move very well. Do robins over eat? Or, is it more likely that another more agressive male robin attacked him and he is hurt? I saw 2 of them racing around the yard one in pursuit of the other earlier yesterday. He is able to fly.
Renton, WA.

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