On the Duwamish - 04-12-2004

Desilvis, Denis J denis.j.desilvis at boeing.com
Mon Apr 12 13:30:42 PDT 2004

12:25pm start - water level fairly high, but some mudflats edge exposed
12:45pm end

Displaying GREAT BLUE HERONS (necks outstretched, wings spread, etc.) and OSPREYS were quite eye-catching today. As were the four folks using a craft labeled "UW Fisheries Research" at the goose-exclusion area (GEA). Lots of nets, a couple of barrels, and other gear. The herons put on a show for a while on the rocks and in the water near the power substation, but then one ("heron 1") flew to just north of the GEA, and the other flew to the pier opposite my viewing point, where it postured for a bit, and then flew out of sight north (downstream). Heron 1 waded almost neck deep at times, but then was displaced from that area when a squadron of Canada geese cruised in. One of the Ospreys spent at least 10 minutes adjusting a stick on the nest. Had to get it just so, I guess.

Birds seen during this scan include the following:
Canada Goose (9; not counting the pair+6 goslings seen earlier near the cafeteria at this Boeing site)
Gadwall (4; looks like two pair)
Bufflehead (4; two of each sex)
Common Merganser (3)
Double-crested Cormorant (6)
Great Blue Heron (2)
Osprey (2)
Red-tailed Hawk (taking a lazy swing over Turning Basin #3)
Glaucous-winged Gull (5)
Rock Pigeon (9)
American Crow (3)
European Starling (2)
Song Sparrow (2; one nearby, one across TB3)
Red-winged Blackbird (3)
House Finch (2)

May all your birds be identified,

Denis DeSilvis
Seattle, WA
mailto:denis.j.desilvis at boeing.com

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