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Sorry for the late report, but I've been busy and couldn't post until now.

Thursday was a great day at Nisqually! I finally got a nemesis bird and had
some other good sightings as well.

A couple from New York City, Jessica & Joe, joined me for the walk and we
talked about birding Central Park as we walked. Jessica has seen 25+ species of
warblers there in one season. Try that in this part of the country! The
Nisqually checklist shows 9 species possible. Thursday we saw 5 species.

Thursday started out cool and hazy but ended up hot & sunny. Things started
out slow but picked up as the day went on. Most birds were very quiet and busy
feeding young. MARSH WRENS and SWAINSON'S THRUSH were very non-vocal compared
tot the last few weeks.

On the way out to McAllister Creek we had a GREEN HERON in the slough near
McAllister Creek and a female BLUE-WINGED TEAL in what is left of the water at
the end of the pond on the left of the parking lot. We also had a PIED-BILLED
GREBE at the back of the pond behind the Visitor Center, the first one in
several weeks, as well several juvenile WOOD DUCKS.

The best spot of the day was the cross over trail between the Twin Barns and
the Nisqually River trail. Here we had BLACK CAPPED CHICKADEE, WESTERN WOOD
NASHVILLE WARBLER. We also saw WARBLING VIREO in this as well as a female

At the Nisqually River overlook we had 3 LESSER YELLOWLEGS and some KILLDEER,
the only shorebirds of the day. In the woods between the overlook and the
Ring Dike I finally saw my first BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLER at Nisqually. This
bird is listed as common and nesting on the refuge, but I have never been able
to find it before Thursday. Of course by the time the walk was over I saw 3 of

At the Ring Dike 2 BONAPARTE'S GULLS flew over and we had a small flock of
BUSHTITS in the woods there.

All in all we had 45 species for the day, with BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLER,
BONAPARTE'S GULL, and LESSER YELLOWLEGS being new for the year. With the
CASPIAN TERN seen last Friday, that gives a total of 124 for the year.

Mammals for the day included LONG-TAILED WEASEL and COTTONTAIL RABBIT.

After walking the full loop last Friday I've decided the first Thursday of
each month to walk the full loop, if the trail is open. That way the entire
refuge will be covered monthly. This year I've walked the full refuge the end of
January and the end of July. Wonder what I've missed the rest of the year.

Until Thursday...

Phil Kelley
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Lacey, WA

"We were few and they were many, now we are many and they are few."

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