[Tweeters] House sparrow repellent

Doug Plummer 2doug at dougplummer.com
Wed Dec 1 16:34:14 PST 2004

I picked up a device at the Seattle Audubon store that is reputed to repel
House Sparrows from feeders. Well hey, it works! It's called a halo, and
it's basically a 2 foot diameter metal hoop with four weighted monofilament
lines that effectively block only House Sparrows from the feeder. I have
four feeders set up, and even though it's only mounted on one feeder it
works to keep them off the adjacent ones too. One feeder that wasn't next
to the hoop I just tied on a single line of monofilament about 6 inches off
(from the hanger), and that keeps them from that feeder too. Now the house
finches and goldfinches cluster with no harassment from the bullies.
Previously I only had an occasional bold goldfinch who would tolerate
feeding in the presence of the thugs. With the House Sparrows removed, the
entire flock is feeding now from the thistle feeder.

I wonder if this is an innate or learned behavior with HOSP, and if this is
only a temporary solution.

Doug Plummer
2doug at dougplummer.com

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