[Tweeters] House sparrow repellent

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Wed Dec 1 18:11:09 PST 2004

Hi Doug,
I hope it keeps working. I, too, tried the halo and it was wonderful - at
first. Just a day or two later, one bold house sparrow made it under the
hoop. The next day, a few more found it possible, and by day five, they
were all back, scaring away anything with wings. Sheesh.
I wish you MUCH better luck!
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> I picked up a device at the Seattle Audubon store that is reputed to repel

> House Sparrows from feeders. Well hey, it works! It's called a halo, and

> it's basically a 2 foot diameter metal hoop with four weighted


> lines that effectively block only House Sparrows from the feeder. I have

> four feeders set up, and even though it's only mounted on one feeder it

> works to keep them off the adjacent ones too. One feeder that wasn't next

> to the hoop I just tied on a single line of monofilament about 6 inches


> (from the hanger), and that keeps them from that feeder too. Now the house

> finches and goldfinches cluster with no harassment from the bullies.

> Previously I only had an occasional bold goldfinch who would tolerate

> feeding in the presence of the thugs. With the House Sparrows removed, the

> entire flock is feeding now from the thistle feeder.


> I wonder if this is an innate or learned behavior with HOSP, and if this


> only a temporary solution.


> Doug Plummer

> Seattle

> 2doug at dougplummer.com


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