[Tweeters] Frozen Hawk Query

Djana Bock dbock at sfcmd.com
Wed Dec 1 20:55:10 PST 2004

To Everyone,

Thanks for all of the wonderfully prompt and helpful responses to my query. 
Mr. Hawk is on his way to the Burke, which was the most convenient place 
for our neighbor to take him.

D. Bock, Seattle WA

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>Frozen Hawk Query
>A Ballard neighbor found a dead hawk (I think a sharp-shinned but I didn't 
>see it) in his front yard a few weeks ago.  I told him to wrap it up well 
>and freeze it because surely it could be used by the right organization. 
>His wife now wants the bird gone, so the question is who can use it and 
>where are they located?
>Brendan is a busy guy and it would be best if he didn't have to take it 
>too far.  Is there anyplace at the UW where it could be used?  At the 
>Burke Museum or any other habitats frequented by crazed ornithologists? If 
>anyone knows the answer to this, send me location, address and hours as 
>soon as possible.
>It would be a shame for a good dead bird to go to waste.
>     D. Bock, Seattle WA
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